I am a writer, the closest thing to being GOD. On paper I can create an entire universe of worlds with creatures that I can also destroy. Like Hollywood I can ignore the facts, logic, and the impossible. I have utilized this concept in my KINDLE ebooks.


I married my wife twice; once 52 years ago, and again on our 50th. We have 5 children. I served in the US ARMY where I met my wife who worked at the Pentagon. I have written screen plays, short stories, and presently have 3 ebooks on KINDLE Bookstore: BLOODGUILTY, SECRETS of the UNIVERSE, and SPOOKY MOON STORIES.. My wife, Jeanne, is also my editor. She was born in North Carolina and I was born on the East Side in New York City. Obviously the North and the South are at peace.

Even though I worked for several major corporations, I was always writing stories thanks to my typist, Jeanne. She typed away on a mechanical typewriter, later upgraded to electric typewriters, and eventually to computers. She also knows shorthand dictation, a forgotten talent that has gone the way of the blacksmiths.



Classic adventure stories for children contain good role models, survival techniques, and life lessons. With the increased usage of cell phones, TV, etc. we need to get young children and teens more interested in reading books, but first you will have to get their attention. We all love a good spooky story. It could be the inner child in us that still fears the dark. I wrote a series of spooky stories for my grandchildren. They are intended to be read around the family camp fire (the fireplace). Moral lessons are also contained within these stories. My grandchildren loved the stories so much that I decided to publish them in ebook form on the KINDLE bookstore under the title SPOOKY MOON STORIES by RAYMOND THOR.

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BLOODGUILTY, a thriller-chiller mystery, has many story elements: cloning, genetic engineering, mind transplants, Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes (from 1888 London to 1998 Palm Springs). It is a combination of historical accuracy and fiction. It also got very good reviews.

There is nothing like a good mystery or thriller story to titillate one’s curiosity and imagination. “When a 100-year-old diary is found among the possessions of Dr. John H. Watson, and the criminal’s identity (Jack the Ripper) becomes known to Dave Conway, the narrator of BLOODGUILTY, our icons are in for a smashing. Raymond Thor deliberately mingles fiction, fact, future and past in this mystery tale of crime and medical technology that connects 1892 London with present-day Los Angeles.” • THIS REVIEW BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Serial killers have been with us throughout history. JACK the RIPPER’s grisly murders of the East End ladies of the night hardly pales even by today’s standards of violence. Since 1892, Scotland Yard had retained a sealed file containing all the information from their “Jack the Ripper” murder investigations. It was to be opened in 1992. However, it is my understanding that much of the file is missing … … or has been destroyed. In my ebook novel, BLOODGUILTY, I wrote a fact and fiction account of the missing files. It reveals the identity of Jack the Ripper and uncovers a crime so vast in its undertaking that generations yet unborn would suffer its consequences.


“Like a House of Mirrors curves reality, this thriller bends the calendar. It thrusts a modern day Los Angeles snoop and writer into Jack the Ripper’s London of 1888, then back again. The plot is alive with intrigue. … Throughout this thriller, the author mitigates the London fog with luscious scenes in L.A., San Diego, Palm Springs.”

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Available on the KINDLE bookstore by RAYMOND THOR.

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As revealed by a man with no Scientific or PhD credentials other than his imagination and life experience.

All the answers to all the questions must be on the ceiling because every time you ask someone a difficult question, they put their hand to their chin and look up.

My name is Raymond Thor and I maintain that all the basic answers are easy, but we complicate them. We don’t need a psychic to communicate with the dead; we need one to communicate with the living.

As a writer, there are no boundaries or limits to my imaginative powers; therefore I am able to explain away everything without having to reveal the extent of my ignorance or prove anything to my critics.

Much of what Sci-Fi writers have written has come to pass. We can now look back to Captain Kirk of STAR TREK and say that we, too, have a ‘communicator’ with lots of ‘bells and whistles’. If you are willing to suspend disbelief and believe a man can fly, is ‘faster than a speeding bullet and stronger than a locomotive’, then open your mind further to the future where all things are possible.

This writing will answer questions about life, death, family, society, business, science future, war, nature, our planet, UFOs, the universe, sex, abortion, women, men, love, crime, environment, dentists, doctors, lawyers, legal systems, communication, celebrities, political, movies and entertainment, government, nations, religions, the 4-day-work-week, time and space, cycles, taxes, the human brain and the soul.

All of these subjects are explained in simple terms: without the use of mind boggling quantum mechanics. Hopefully, my theories on these subjects will entertain, amuse, and perhaps enlighten the reader.


Available on the KINDLE bookstore by RAYMOND THOR.

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